Q: I saw something on your Shopify that I can't find on your Etsy. And the stuff I see on Etsy is more expensive. Why is that?
A: Etsy charges higher selling and listing fees, so it makes more sense for me to list majority of my stuff on Shopify, especially for listings that don't sell quickly and remain up for a long time. Because of the higher fees, I have decided to increase my prices on that platform. Additionally, I've gotten a slew of random and (in my opinion) unwarranted warnings on Etsy, so it just makes more sense for me to list my products here and avoid the trouble.

Q: Can I commission you for a custom order?
A: You can! I don't advertise it because it's not something I take on often, but I am always open for commissions assuming I don't have too much on my plate. Use the "contact me" form to send me a message and I will get back to you typically within 24-48 hours.

Q: Can you send me [a product] for free?
A: No. However, I occasionally do giveaways on my instagram, so be sure to follow me on social media!

Q: I ordered a t-shirt on [x date] and it still hasn't shipped. Where is it and why haven't you shipped it yet?
A: As it says on each apparel listing, all tees are printed on demand and may take up to two weeks to ship. This turnaround time is partially out of my hands as it is dependent on my print company.

Q: If I order a t-shirt in addition to other products, when will everything ship?
A: Everything will ship together when the t-shirt is ready, so if you need something sooner than the two week production time, please consider placing multiple orders.

Q: I received shipping confirmation but my order still hasn't arrived. What can you do about this?
A: Honestly- unfortunately, nothing. Once the order leaves my hands, I cannot be held responsible for any shipping delays caused by the carrier service. USPS is facing massive budget cuts and staffing shortages, so there are bound to be delays every now and then. This is the reality we're living in. If significant delays occur, please reach out to me and I'll do what I can to help, but I can't promise anything.

Q: I received my order but it is damaged/broken/bent/etc. Help?
A: Any damage that happens during transit I am happy to remedy. Please contact me within 48 hours of delivery and we can work out a solution.

Q: Do you ever do collaborations?
A: As with commissions, I don't advertise it, but I'm always open for potential collaborations! Send me a message and we can talk to see if our brands would be a good fit for each other.